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Horatio discovers she's hiding more than information to do with the case and may be linked to a past case of his in NYC.Can he help solve her case before the killer gets too close?

Then she said, “You know I love you like family.” As Calleigh exited at the end of the scene, Eric gave a longing, apparently sad look. but in my mind, we didn’t.” “Even if we have broken up,” says Rodriguez, “we’ll get back together.” Since Procter, 42, is currently very pregnant with her first child — she’s due in mid-December — the breakup or hiatus or whatever it is has negated the necessity of shooting love scenes, at least for now. “I don’t know if they’ve made a decision where they want to go with that yet,” Rodriguez says. I thought it would have been fun to have little private moments in the CSI lab, whether it was sneaking a kiss or having an argument …” “Right? “Eating a sandwich.” “Just going through the ups and downs,” Rodriguez continues. I’ve got no more room left.’ But I do.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.Eric is also the team's underwater recovery expert.While trying to rescue a woman kidnapped by escapee Clavo Cruz, Delko was critically wounded by one of Cruz's henchmen. Delko left the team temporarily in season eight but returned to the series temporarily in Delko for the Defense, when he consulted a defense lawyer in a murder case. He takes things personally, especially cases which he feels strongly about.Sitting on the lab sets of “CSI: Miami” during the filming of the show’s 200th episode, Procter looks at Rodriguez and says, “Did you know we broke up? “No one’s come out and said it’s not going to happen, but I guess that could be interpreted as a break-up scene.” Procter wasn’t sure her pregnancy would not be written into the show when she originally told Rodriguez about it.

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” “You know,” says Rodriguez, “I wasn’t sure about it. “I would say Adam was the first person at work who knew I was pregnant, because we had lunch, and I said, ‘You’re going to be a dad on TV,'” she says. “It was at a restaurant, I’m saying hello, we’re hugging, and she’s like, ‘Look down.’ I’m looking at her shoes.

He is also shown to be very protective of women, despite being a bit of a 'player', especially if they are being abused or in an abusive relationship (episode 513, "Throwing Heat").

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