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This is an interesting way to deal with the challenge of having 14-letter theme entries: the other option, which constrains the center of the grid much more, is to place them in the 4th and 12th rows rather than the 3rd and 13th rows. It’s always a great feeling when you take a stab at what you might think the theme/gimmick of the grid will be before putting in a letter and then finding out that you’re exactly on-point.That’s what happened with this puzzle today, as all of the theme entries contained a string of letters which, when read backwards, constitutes the name of a famous singer. The movie stars Sandra Dee as a teenage girl who falls in love with a young surfer. “Gidget” is an early “beach party film” that was released in 1959. 2 everything she did for her firstborn,” executive producer Erica Messer said. I want to say it was nearly nine months of her not working before she came back on .” “It’s had to pull off a full-time gig and be a full-time mom,” Messer continued.“It’s something I certainly understand, being a mom as well, and if that option is given to you and you actually can consider that in every facet of your life, it’s something I have to support and be really happy for her.” RELATED: Jennifer Love Hewitt Had A Baby And Secretly Got Married!

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“We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny,” Hewitt told “[Hewitt] had thought a lot about it and she really wanted to give this baby No.

My guesses started off good: I plunked down RUM RAISIN for [Popular ice cream flavor] at 1d off of just the R, avoiding the equally plausible ROCKY ROAD. IB at 31d, I went with RIB for [Chest protector], which cleverly turned out to be BIB. I also appreciated that most of the difficulty came from clever cluing rather than obscure answers. Speaking of clever cluing: What I didn’t know before I did this puzzle: that an ARM WRESTLER may sometimes be called a “puller.” Fun re-parsing theme today. I have only ever heard the word GOOK as an ethnic slur, so I was quite surprised to see it.

I also struggled a bit in the SW, where Stumperish clues like [Stripe] for SORT and [Nursery item] for TREE abounded. There’s one 13-letter entry crossing two 9-letter entries. The misdirection at 1a got me, even with the question mark. ] are not referring to sea captains or Starfleet captains. I noticed that ALTER EGO showed up as [Trusted friend]. That’s not the meaning I think of – ALTER EGO is Dr. Instructions are at 62a: [Boundaries, and a hint to the puzzle’s starred answers], that is, DIVIDERS, or re-parsed as the imperative DIVIDE R’S. Unfortunately, for the second day in a row, I’m going to have to award the Phelps DEATH STARE (see yesterday’s review) to an entry. When I google the word, the first page and half of hits are all with respect to this disparaging definition.

There were some real gems in the clues, a signature of Erik’s puzzles: I particularly liked Ask me what’s wrong for SIGH, [Figure whose wings melt in the sun] is a great misdirecting clue for SNOW ANGEL (not Icarus), and [Performance that requires a lot of upper body strength] for POLE DANCE. Theme entries are standard words which feature a double-R. And I counted three verb/preposition entries in the grid (PRAY TO, LIVE TO, SWAT AT) plus an AS DEEP which all bring down the fun quotient a bit.


Plenty of really pretty long fill in this one too, especially for a 76-worder: besides the aforementioned SNOW ANGEL, RUM RAISIN, and POLE DANCE, there’s also ADOPT-A-PET and BEEF PATTY. I have tomorrow’s (Friday’s) NYT puzzle, so be gentle, dear readers! The word is split between the Rs and given a wacky clue. I love a good re-parsing theme, and all of these seemed natural and humorous—a good selection of entries implemented well. Mostly, the clues felt straightforward, more so than usual for a Thursday, perhaps because of the wacky theme clues. The “paradise” that is “lost” is the Garden of Eden, from which Adam and Eve were expelled by God in the “Fall of Man”. By the time the series ended, “The X-Files” was the longest running sci-fi show in US broadcast history. : CUE BERT (sounds like “Q*bert”) For many years, I believed that the "Sesame Street" characters Bert and Ernie were named after two roles played in the Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life".

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