Theme song from the dating game

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It's a minute of sweet dreamy delight; listen below.

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In the first round, the wives predicted their husbands' answers, and the second round reversed the roles.

Some modern viewers know the show best for Eubanks' supposedly Unusual Euphemism for sexual intercourse, "whoopie".

(The original went off the air in July 1973.) But the kids don’t realize that, and I understand.

The ’70s are to them what the ’40s were to me, when I was their age.

The same question could be asked to multiple bachelors.

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Four couples, all married for less than two years, answered questions that bordered on the bawdy.

Tonight our lovely bachelorette, Doleen (cub scout dresses as a girl) will choose one lucky bachelor.

“Doleen” enjoys collecting Yugio cards, playing linebacker for the Sirens and building her upper body strength.

We’re sitting there a couple of weeks ago, watching the kids from our church’s high school youth group doing a skit based on “The Dating Game” at their ’70s-themed fund-raising dinner. The lovely Janet turns to me and says, “You sound just like your dad.” (Dad is legendarily obsessive about the smallest details of railroading.) Everyone else at the table looks at me as if I have just arrived from Mars. They played that when they introduced the bachelorettes.

Never mind that “The Dating Game” debuted in 1965 and — to my mind, at least — is a relic more of the ’60s than of the ’70s.

This impression is probably due to modern viewers' Small Reference Pools, since the euphemism was very well-known in the 1970s it comes from a 1920s pop tune that was covered more than 300 times between 19.